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 Rules & Regulations: Regular and Custom

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations: Regular and Custom   Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:49 pm

-The official brand must be mine, which will be Roses
-In the registered name, Whispering Willows must be included. You may add your brand as well unless it's a custom breeding.
-Your stallion or mare must be nine or older and finished with their racing career with less than five foals already had to ensure they will not be over-bred
-No inbreeding allowed under any circumstance
-Your horse must have a good racing history with mostly if not all wins. I strive to produce well-racing foals that have the potential to be even better than their sire and dam and that cannot be achieved without a good track history.
-If you wish to sell the foal for any reason, please contact me beforehand and I will likely buy it from you
-You must message me instead of just request. I do not have breeding fees set so we will negotiate that through private messages. If you just send a request, I will deny it without further notice.
-I have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
-All sales are final.
-I do not have a breeding request form. I ask that you simply give me the ID# of mine and your horses with registered names and discuss everything else with me through messages and we will go from there.
-Custom rules vary. They will be discussed in messages.


I assure the following for the foal(s) that are born:
*Free Record-Breaking prefs from my private training account
*Free jockey services to the foal(s) from my private jockey account
*If the foal perishes at birth to breed the same pair again free of any extra charge
*If there are twins, I can keep one and you can keep one unless you wish to purchase both foals; the other twin being 30% off of the original price of the first foal.


In partnership with Milton Diamond Stud.
Accepting breeding partners with various benefits
Message to discuss


(Brands from past and present accounts and joint partnerships include *MD*, Roses, ~Roses~, VRS, WWRS and Whispering Willows)
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Rules & Regulations: Regular and Custom
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